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sandy... claims 48 lives acrosssthe nation... includingg paryland.the damage we're still cleaning up this morning.. the schools thht are still closed because of her... &pand the roods you nned to avoid on your way to work. and... smaller isn't always better.what the size of your waistline means for your health... even if you're not obese. 3 p3 wednesday, october 31st. we haveeseveral school closinns and delays to tell pou aabut this morning. morning.harford county schools are closed today... along with baltimore city schools.there are 17 baltimore county schools closed because of power outages.all others willl open on timm. time.there are also 17 anne
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arundel county schools closed this morning due to power outages.all other schools in tte county are opening two hours howard county... as maay as 10 schools will outaggs.all others will open on time.check thh ttcker aa &pthe bottommof your screen for specifics. 3 3 3 & 3
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3 many of uu are breathing a sigh of reeief ttis morning... as superstormm sandy dissipates after to the northeast. the system - is beinggblamed for at least 44 also knocked out power to more than 8 million people from maine to the up and down the coast... entiie neighborhoods are floodee... aad ome are buried in sand.powerful winds and ocean surges toppled trees and &ppestroyed puulic parks and boaadwalks.president obama is
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storm made landfall. we're ow going to mix ssrrow forward as a strong, resolute people to make sure that ww federal officials warn that t sandy could stiil cause problems for innand staaes. flood warnings have been issued for miccigan, ohio aad pennnylvanna.bllzzard warninns are up for thee ppalachiin mounttins. residents re stiil assessing the damage left from sandyyherr ggsty winds left a path of destruction acrrss our region. region.megan gilliland is streeming now in glen arm where an elderly man saysshe's just lucky to be alive. good mornnng uys,take a look the leff side just crused by trees... amazingly the eederly siie oo the hhuse.... just -pa3
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89-year olddrobeet &pmcclary says he's seen alot pf storms in the roughly 50 years he's lived here... but hh says nothing could prepare him for you ake a seeehis roof was crushed by damage s so extenssve... the mcclary's will nned a crane to reeove ll the ttis point... they're not surr if they will re-bbild... the only &pis that he's lucky to bb aliv. "i feel made a hell of a noise, it was exciting" "this amount of ddmaae is the
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through"as powerfuu as he winds were in glen arr... the pbbut a mile away... cromwell bridge road was floooed. this morning... those watees have subssdee.and all that's left to do now... is clean up and be a liitle thankfullthatt ii wasn't in glen fox45 morning news. with trees down aal over the regiin... two counties have announced plans to help people get rid of their debris. debrii.harford county will open three temporary drop-off baltimore county... duupssers will be made availabll at certain ffre ssati. statiins.this s for yard and llcations... go to fox actt baltimore dot come slash hundreds of thousands of b-g-e
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customers lost power during phe storm... and more thhn 85-ttousand remain in the dark this morning. morning. b-g-e crews are theelights back on. on.joel d. smith is live in towson with more on thhir efforts. 3 3
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power s restored to the sewaae treattent plant in hooard county ttat spilled millioos of gallons of raw knocked down the power lines - electrical systtmmon monday... and wwthout power the pumps couldn't a reeult, you < "all wastewater plants have 3 two power feeds that ccme in both of those ffil at the same > driiking water in howard county is safeebecause it's a completely separate system. dilutee wwth rain water there's no need for drastic still thh county executive is calling on b-g-e to sandy's path of destruction through baltimore took a toll on some olldr buildings. buildings.takk a look at the damage to this old distillery on york road on cockeysville.
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the stormmcaussd a bricc wall to crumble to the roundd.. leaving gaping hole in thh side of the building. video surfaces of that crane collapse in nee york city, you see it just snappand ke a - fall... leet juss dangling in atoo a nearly completed high be new yookkssttllest residennial building.neighbors have been evacuated.ii's been but can't be fully secured uunil the ind dies ddwn. some owwrful video out of new jersey... shows just how dangerous downed power lines can be.take a ook as his car is áelectrifiedá... in brick township, new's unclear i anyone was hurt by thhs inccdent. some unbelievable video out of nee york... captuues a treee.. as it'' being uprooted rom the can see the
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mmgnitude of super storm sandy's strrnnth... as she topples it over... in a backyard on long isllnd. reported in this incident. aaccothing company is ffcing backlash today... forrtrying to capitalize on hurricane sand. sandy.this is file video... of "american apparel's" foundee... walkkng through his &pfactory.the company is under fire... forrreporttdly sending out an email to shoppers on the east coast... telling them &pon clothessthe ad says the quotee- "bored during the storm."online reaction ws negative... with people upset the company was capitalizing on the deadly storm. trick-or-treaters planning to po wait a bit lonnerr longer.the obamas are pulling president obama can stay
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recovery efforts from super storm sandy.he's eepected to view the damage and to meet with people affecced by the deadly storm. coming up on the eaaly editton....the retired shuttle endeavour... on display. diiplly.the grann nveiling of the shuttle at itssnew ome. ((break 1)) on tuesday... hundreds of people lined up in
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lossangeles... to see a piece of hhstory.the space ssuttle science center. the science guy."the retired
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shuttle wwll stay n this pavilion until the museum builds a new air and sppce wing... which should be done ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 (((d lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) ((traffic reporter 3 meteorologist)) 3 ((traffiicreporter ad llbs)) 3 ad libs))((traffic reportee -3 3
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3((raffic reporter ad libs)) map 3955 ap 40 map 3
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3 3 3
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still to come... know your-waast-to-hip atio. ratio.the health risks that number.connected... to a high - super storm sandy... expected dollars.where it ranks... among the hurricaaes in recorded u-s history. ((break 2)) p3 ((break 2)) stephanie rawlings-blake: voting for question seven is an...
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incredible opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlings-blake: you're talking about 500 new jobs. ken ulman: and increased tourism will mean more business... for maryland's small businesses. jim smith: and instead of marylanders spending... five hundred and fifty million in other states... ken ulman: question seven will keep that money right here. stephanie rawlings-blake: more jobs, millions for schools. jim smith: i'm voting for question seven. ken ulman: i'm voting for question seven. stephanie rawlings-blake: and i'm voting for question seven.
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- ♪ shine, come on and let it shine ♪ - hi. - hi. 3 p an estimated 20-billion dollars in property damages... lost business... as the affects of hurricaneesandy are more than just environmenta. 3& while the superstorm thht has battered the east cost has gone... it'' effects will last for some time. a countless number of homes pave been left damaged... aad several businesses are also taking a hi. some pusiness ownerssare worried about the effect the storm will have on their livelihhods... chu yoon // nonno gourmet deli:"....we out into the garbaae. we cannot use it." (reporterr "how much money is thattgoing to ost you?) i didn't ccunt yet, but it is going to be huge." others are
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working their way back tt becoming fully operational. redzp alili / pizza parlor ownnr:"...well, weecame to &pcleaa up and ppople started cooinn in. they were hungry so we ust continued to serve..." while the economy will take a hii initially... at least one analyst says the storm could have some long term benefits. dr nayantarr hensel / professor of industry and business, nnaional deeense university:"the, the first informaaion ttat we get is going to be from lost output and airline cancellations and that is going to beenegative and then, more and more we aae going to ssart seeing trickling into the economic data the benefits of the reconstruction.. after peiig shut ddwn for two days, the new yorr stock xchange trading on wednesday. a bii of good news foo the henssl / professor of industry anddbusiness, national defenss university:"i thinn thht it really is a bit of a slowdown pn economic activity that can world and also the entire &pcountry, because right now &pthere is a lot of interest in output, on policies that we ought to be doing ann people rely on new york city for their inssght.""anchor ttg) sandy will likely be amoog the ten costliest hurricanes in history. but it's still far elow the price tagg froo hurricane katriia. that reached 108 billion
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dollars. in newwyork, aansley earhhrdt ox news. there may be one bright spot sandy.gas prices have dropped one cent since he staat of thann11-cents lower than oneeg 3 week ago.experts say fewer because of sandyy.. reducing the demand for gas. straight ahead... extra fat... &paround the waist. waist.the immortaat ratio.. that couud impaat a person's llngevity.. ((break 3))
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exccss fat around a person's as susan hennricks explains... you don't have to be obese to face healtt risks froo it. be ee to a long ife, says a reeent study from he mayo clinic. "peopll with normml weight wiih an enlarged waist are at high risskfor death and
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particularly death from the heart."a risk that is higher the nevvn diitrrbuuion of fat-3 more in he mid-sectton nd less in the egs anddhips.the reseeachers studied nearly thirteen thousand peoplee.he risks more than doubled when people had normal weight lus belly eeperts suggest ratio."the recommendatton measure the hip and to just divide the waist y he hip. equal or greater thhn .9 or 90% will e coosideerd waist-to-hip ratio equal or greater than .85 or ore than 85% will be considerrd "reguulr exerciie, allng with and low in fat, will very rs, - today's heallh minutt, i'm o
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&pcoming p... a maryyand town... under water. water.the major flooding that forced evacuattins... in crisfield. 3 btt - terrorrsm at ft hood ttree years ago, army 3 psychhatrist nidal malik hasan walked into a ft hoodd personnellcenttr. he tice yelled allahu akbar! god is greaa! then he thh time he as then heebegan hee wice yelled allahuuhood - perronnel center. hasan walked into a ft psychiatrist nidal palik hasan walked iito a ft hhod personnel center. he twice yelled allahu akkar!! god is great! then he began the time he was
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soldiers. one of whom was pregnant. and one civilian. he wounded ddzens.hasannhadd exchanned about 20 emails ith ameriian--orn muslim cleric anwar al-awlaki. he sought to go about illing amerrcans -3 in the name of iilam. it haa all of thh characteristics of issamic terrorism. except one. the obama administration has refused to label this terrorism. insteaddittis called workplace violence.this president personaalyyapppoved tte droneestrike ttat killed the american cleric last yearr another drone strike that red - killed the cleric's 16-year old american son. an event the usspresssthe us army and the fbi knew in advance that pasan was a icking time-bbmb. a muslim wwo publicly called for viollnceeagainst american soldiers is not politically correct.moor thhn 160 ft hood shooting victims and their family members hve expressed administra.

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